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Ryan Bowers

Chief Operating Officer


Ryan Bowers is an experienced CEO with a track record of successfully leading alternative investment opportunities. Mr. Bowers founded Heritage Holding Group in 2006 and served as Managing Principal and Chief Executive Officer. Since its inception, he helped steward the firm’s growth to one of the largest independent wealth management firms in San Diego and as a leader in the integration of traditional wealth management and alternative investments. Additionally, Mr. Bowers oversaw the firm’s model execution as well as the private equity and venture capital holdings within its equity group until the firm was acquired in 2017.

With over twenty years of advisory experience Mr. Bowers has also served as a strategic advisor and on the board of numerous privately held and publicly traded companies. By working with companies predominantly on elements of operations and financial structuring, he has led dozens of startup ventures to mid-size enterprises both in the U.S. as well as European securitization companies.

Mr. Bowers has always demonstrated an emphasis in the healthcare marketplace, where he has guided universities, large scale clinical systems and several NCI-designated cancer centers on the procurement of leading cancer therapy solutions. Throughout the past decade Ryan has overseen the development and financing of cancer centers across the U.S. exceeding valuations of $1 Billion. These centers have involved numerous forms of capital structures, most recently taking the role as a senior lender securing $220 Million of municipal bond financing.

Mr. Bowers is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley.

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