Business Planning

IPS and Partners have broad and deep experience that is essential in developing a single room proton therapy system. We understand that the clinical objectives and goals of the customer is what drives the proton therapy project. We can move the project forward with a business plan, building cost estimates, equipment specifications, and a clear plan for project delivery. If desired, IPS will work to develop the business plan that can be presented to financial institutions for review and funding.

Program Management

Working with the customer, IPS will provide oversight and management of the project.

IPS will be accountable for on time delivery of the overall project through the following steps:

• Oversight of critical path project milestones and overall schedule items
• Resource allocation reviews and risk assessments
• Development of initial schedule with input and buy-in from all related parties
• Integration of all activities, from the initial concept, through design, to construction start and finally, to room technical acceptance
• Continual update of comprehensive milestones with relevant communications to cross function core team members

Building Design

Pre-construction and Construction

IPS and Partners will be responsible for the following:

• Management of design and technical advisors with adherence to budgets, schedules and delivery of a design that achieves all design/engineering requirements as jointly agreed upon by the parties
• Assistance with management of radiation shielding advisor or commission the shielding calculations
• Proactive coordination with design and technical teams to study building design, construction methods and materials specifications
• Review process to incorporate efficiencies, as realized on previously designed facilities, including patient amenities, clinic workflow, patient treatment room set up, and staff-physician working integration for greatest success
• Establish construction budget and schedule with input from customer and other technical team members

IPS, in cooperation with the proton therapy equipment provider, will provide proton therapy equipment coordination and serve as the primary point of contact for delivery and on time installation of the equipment with responsibilities to include the following:

• Coordination of equipment acquisition
• Manage proton equipment installation and technical acceptance to ensure compliance to time-line and contract, including a smooth integration with the customer’s medical physics team
• Coordinate on-site factory and shipping embarkation site visits to ensure timely manufacturing and shipping
• Review logistics and utility coordination/timing
• Coordinate and oversee the construction process to maximize efficiencies and cost related items
• Manage relationships with financing sources, inspecting architect, and communications on project status

Business Structure Financing Alternatives

For customers needing financing, IPS will source and assist in facilitating appropriate financing based upon customer’s needs and financial strength. This process will be managed by investment banking firms who specialize in structuring these transactions.

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